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For DJ Bookings, please e-mail me the following details for your event:

  • Where the event is located.
  • How long you need me to spin (time slot).
  • What day the event is being held.
  • What kind of mixer your sound system provider is using.
  • What the capacity of the venue you are holding your event in is.
  • What brand of cabinets your sound system provider is using.
For a gig in the Los Angeles area, half the fee is paid up front as a deposit and the other half is paid when I arrive at the event. For long distance gigs, the round trip plane ticket, hotel room and all of the DJ fee is paid up front. I've had problems in the past with promoters not paying me the rest of my fee when I arrive, and it's just too much work for me to go through, so I feel much more comfortable when everything is taken care of before I fly out of Los Angeles. Try to understand, if I fly thousands of miles away from my home to a strange country or city that I'm not familiar with, I'm stuck and there is nothing I can do if a promoter decides not to pay me. I just have to wait for my plane ride home and that's it.
Please Note: If I come and spin at your event, I will need 2 Techniques SL1200 Mk2 turntables in good condition. I prefer using Ortofon Nightclub needles routed into a high quality mixer like the Rane MP22(x), Rane MP24(x), Rane Mojo MM8z, Vestax PMC-50a or equivalent.
A high end Numark PPD or MTX is passable, but please do not provide a cheap Gemani, American DJ or Numark scratchmaster type mixer. I reserve the right to refuse to play if the mixer is a scratchmaster type or in very poor condition. Providing a cheap sub-par mixer hurts every DJ's ability to perform well for everyone, as well as the overall sound and mixing quality for the entire event. One of the first questions I always ask a promoter is: "Who is doing your sound and what kind of mixer do they provide?" I take performing live very seriously, and I always strive to do my best so please make sure you pay special attention to the DJ coffin.
I spin the best when the DJ booth is located away from and behind the main speaker array, and there are a good pair of DJ monitors hooked up to the booth/zone volumn control on the DJ mixer. If the event is located outside, please make sure you take extra precautions on protecting the DJ booth from nature's elements. A slight wind of only 5mph can blow the tonearm right off the records during a DJ's set. Please make sure you provide some kind of wind, sun and dust shield for the DJ booth. Outdoor events are some of the best ones, but the weather has to be perfect so please plan ahead for any problems. For complete sound setup specs, please check out my "Audio Guide" page. If you want the mixing to be outstanding, please try and make sure the equipment is outstanding.