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Welcome to DJ Ellis Dee ®

Make yourself at home, have a look around and enjoy the site. There are lots of great resources and history within these pages such as links to music and rave related sites, MP3 mixes, rave pictures, events, rave flyers, rave safety advice plus much more! This is one of the most comprehensive and oldest DJ sites on the Net.

Downloadable Mixes

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DJ Kit Overview
4.5 minutes: A quick overview of my DJ kit. I come from a cohort of analog DJs from the rave scene of the 1990's and I still mostly use vinyl today. Most of my mixing is done manually by ear through an analog Rane 4-channel mixer, with a combination of two Techniques SL-1200MK2 turntables and a Pioneer dual CD player. I realise this may be considered an old-school way of doing things, but it is the way I grew up and I still mostly work this way today. I recently added a modern Pioneer (Nexus) kit to my existing studio, and this is considered the "new" way of doing things, where lots of channel effects, beat looping, sampling, etc. is involved. The only thing I use a computer for is to record my analog DJ mixes directly through an external USB audio interface attached to the computer, which essentially takes the place of a DAT machine.
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224 minutes: A progressive house/trance mix I did in Los Angeles CA. Enjoy!
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XDJ Sessions
90 minutes: An atmospheric progressive trance mix I did in Los Angeles CA. Enjoy!
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World of the 5th Sun
71 minutes: A tribal progressive trance mix I did in Los Angeles CA. Rock out to this one!
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Welcome to Heaven
68 minutes: A breakbeat mix from a live set I played in Phoenix AZ. I hope you enjoy the music.
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June Boom
73 minutes: A breakbeat mix done over Memorial Day weekend. Start your day off right and rock out to these grungy funky ass breaks. Crank up the volume and enjoy the music!
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Fear The Breaks
76 minutes: A new mix taken from a live set in December 2003. Lots of white label breakbeat tracks that you probably won't here anywhere else.
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Program Your Mind
76 minutes: An epic breakbeat extravaganza mix. Kick off the day right and Program Your Mind!
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Linear Independence
77 minutes: A progressive trance mix of bangin deep trance to bring your mind to the next level. Tune in to Channel Dee.
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Dope Vector
71 minutes: A progressive trancer that will take you into another dimension. It contains lots of new deep trance tracks and a few rockin house tunes towards the end. Kick off the day right and check out this mix!
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Gamma Function
77 minutes: Check out this funky breakbeat, progressive and tribal trance mix full of heavenly tracks to titilate your ear drums! Integrate your soul and take your brain to the next level of funkiness.
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Base 12
91 minutes: A fierce tribal trance mix that will take you to another world. Lots of new records, new sounds, new vibe. I'm proud of this new work so check it out and enjoy the music!
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Mobius Strip
77 minutes: A mix of killer breaks, phat tribal, deep trance and epic breaks to tie it all together at the end. Fresh new tunes for your ears. Check it out!
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Tech 55
90 minutes: Really killer eclectic breaks, tribal house and progressive trance at the end. I've been into this funky move your ass breakbeat style for awhile so I thought I would crank out another phat break mix. Move your ass on the dance floor!
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Left Coast Funk
90 minutes: The best funky breakbeat / french house mix that will tickle your tastebuds and keep you dancin into the wee hours of the night. Definately check this out.
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80 minutes: Fantastic driving hard trance mix. Takes you up and down those hilly roads in life and sends you flyin up into the sky at the end. If you like good hard trance, this mix is for you.
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Live at Aumnia
155 minutes: A great live set from the Aumnia party at the Alexandria Hotel in Los Angeles. Turn in to these wicked beats!
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Spring Break Live
110 minutes: A mix taken from a live set over spring break. Lots of new tracks centering around a dark tribal house theme. Tune in, turn on, trip out.
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Project 5
90 minutes: Killer tribal house and funk da fried breakbeats. This mix turned out so well, and it's quite different from my usual style. Be sure to check this mix out!
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90 minutes: This mix turned out really awesome. It's got lots of great new progressive / tribal / hard house tunes on it with a ton of classic breakbeat tracks towards the last half. Definately one of my favorite works. I still listen to this mix all the time.
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Stric 9
74 minutes: This mix is the ultimate collection of progressive, epic anthematic trance. Very melodic, tweaky, minimal, deep, epic, uplifting tunes that will suck you into a musical vortex. This mix will go down in history.
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70 minutes: This mix has the most cutting edge goa trance music in the world on it and I am very proud of how this project turned out. This is one of my favorite works, and heavily influenced by my previous Hypnotica mix. If you are into any kind of trance, hardtrance, goa, psychedelica, this mix will send your mind into another world.
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90 minutes: Full on goa headtrip, german hardtrance mix. More harder style goa music on part 1 and industrial trance on part 2. This mix will really scramble your head.
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Live at Aqua
157 minutes: A live mix from an event I played at in Newport Beach CA called Aqua. It's got lots of tweaky tech house and progressive trance tunes that will take you to the other side! Turn it up!
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5th Dimension
90 minutes: Ambient and progressive / melodic trance experience. Part 1 is an ambient chill out mix while part 2 is a PVD tribute mix. Paul is one of my favorite music producers and I think after listening to the tracks he has produced in this mix, you might agree too.
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90 minutes: A mind bending Goa / Hardtrance journey beyond the void! This has become one of my very best mixes featuring the most awesome psy-trance from around the globe. One of the best goa mixes you'll find anywhere!
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Area 51
90 minutes: I made this during the beginings of my psychedlic trance phase so brace yourself for a hard psy trancer. Lots of brain twisting, mind numbing, sense tingling goa on part 1. Part 2 has a fantastic progressive trance / house mix, with lots of classic floor stompin tracks.
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Live at Zodiac Tribe
60 minutes: A tribal trance set from Zodiac Tribe's "Air" Element party in Los Angeles. Tune in and turn on!
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Nexus 23
90 minutes: I was into oldschool techno for awhile so I had to make a mix. The first part has some really cool grindy hard epic trance and and the second part has some tweaky old school techno. Definately worth checkin out.
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Order of One
90 minutes: This mix is an experimentation into deep and liquid hardtrance. There are a lot of great tracks on here and the mix has a very "liquidy" fluid feel to it, like your traveling through a big water pipe. There may be more liquidy mixes to come.
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Live at Vibeflow Studio
126 minutes: This is a special audio/video set in Windows Media format from a mix I did at an radio station called Vibeflow Futant Radio. This station is one of the best studio setups I have seen and it was a real treat to play there. I hope you enjoy the music.
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Sector 101
90 minutes: A pure liquid ecstasy and dark acid hardtrance mix. This mix is a great collection of cutting edge acid trance music. A long time personal favorite.

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